Current and Past Artists, Labels and Booking Agents worked with:

Atlantic Records (UK)

Avalon Stage Glastonbury (UK)

Brotherly (Robin Mullarkey, Anna Stubbs) (UK)

Big Strides (UK)

Creativeman (Japan)

Chai Wallahs (UK/Europe)

Dean James Barratt (UK)

Danny & The Champions of The World (UK)

Diplomats of Sound (UK/Europe)

EMI (Japan)

Four Quarters Entertainment (USA)

Gabby Young & Other Animals (UK)

Gift of the Gab Records (UK)

India Media Group (Germany)

JD73 (Dan Goldman) (UK)

Karsten Jahnke via Musicas (Germany)

Lana (UK)

Long Time Listener (Australia)

Music At Monumental (UK)

Monumental Productions (UK)

Oded Kafri (Germany)

Pat Dam Smyth (Ireland/UK)

Portnoy Brothers (UK/Israel)

Reservoir Records (Japan)

Ropeadope Records (USA)

Simon Zattara (France)

Solomon Brothers (USA/Israel)

Senadee (UK)

Secret Garden Festival (UK)

Shambala Festival (UK)

Shoot The Dead (UK)

Tall Order Records (UK)

Trans Siberian March Band (UK)

Trenton & Free Radical (South Africa)

World Connection (Holland)

World Connection Agency (Holland/Europe)

2 for the Road Productions (UK)


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