“I have known Brett now for a number of years. What I like is his ability to do serious business while still remaining friendly, calm and compassionate. He has no airs and graces, he’s down to earth but very serious about what he does.”  Trenton Birch Trenton & Free Radical

“Mr. Brett Leboff  is one of a kind, a true music pioneer and quite a gentleman to boot. Always had great meetings and truly appreciated his insights into the music world… also a hell of a drummer. His ear for new talent is unmatched and his dedication to ‘Monumental’  is truly impressive. Hope to work with him again in the future.” Ian Edery Sony Music Entertainment

“Brett is a very driven and focused manager who attends closely to every one of his numerous artists and projects. He is professional, trustworthy and reliable – a highly prized combination in the music industry. He has a keen instinct for creative talent and cares deeply about the careers and aspirations of his artists.”  Nick Swinglehurst Film maker

“This song is for our manager Brett, who has made all of this possible” Gabby Young  Gabby Young & Other Animals [Scala, London, June 2013]


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