I went to the hairdresser today. I like the hairdresser that I have been going to for a while. She is smart, down to earth. Studying an Open University degree as well. She listens an is just generally quite pleasant.

However, the girl that washed my hair today. Well, I could think of some expletives to vent. She was robotic, impersonal but kept asking me annoying questions. I knew she had no interest in anything I had to say. In fact she was showing another girl the ropes and I could see he smirking after many of the questions she asked.

After asking me ‘are you working today’ followed by ‘do you live around here’
After saying as little as possible, she actually asked me the question ‘do you come here often!’ Bloody hell, that is like the joke chat up line I use on mates of mine when we have run out of banter! But she said it for real!

Anyway, now you think I am an unfriendly asshole don’t you? Well, let me explain. It’s not what she was asking me. Though her content was shite. It was the way she asked me. She sounded so robotic and disingenuous that I couldn’t even be bothered to partake.

It all just sounded like she was going through the motions. She was not enthusiastic about talking to me, AND her content was crap.

Do you think I would have been a bit more up for it if she asked the same questions but with dynamism is her voice and a big smile on her face?

TO be honest NO!

The whole thing made me feel so uncomfortable, the thought crossed my mind, can I actually leg it out of here right now? How long is this going to go on for?

So, remember bands and artists when your audience come to see you. Are you spilling out a load of cliches that everyone has heard before. What is making me actually stay in your gig. Is your performance heartfelt, or are you just going through the motions?
It’s all obvious stuff, but if you don’t get it right your audience won’t just walk out on you, they’ll tell everyone they see for the next few days what an awfully embarrassing band they watched.

If you are not giving it 100% with preparation and at the show. Your audience will lose confidence and interest.

Do you actually mean any of what you’re doing or are you just trying to climb up the ladder to be a Rock star? If you are DISINGENUOUS, not only will your audience see through you, but so will the entire music business.

That girl doesn’t want to be washing hair, but she has to in order to one day end up cutting people’s hair. She dreams of being a ‘hair artist’ one day. In the meantime, she doesn’t give a damn about me or any other customer.

If you play your club shows and you have a small audience are you going to smash it and give 100% or are you going to not give a damn, treat the show and audience with disdain and just go through the motions?

You need to give it your all. Any time you are in the public arena, you have the opportunity of winning fans and building foundations of support.

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