“We believe that in an ever changing music industry, where revenue streams are reduced and competition is steep, that artists need a different kind of management service. Musicians are becoming more attuned to the challenges of the modern music industry. Labels no longer control distribution, Artists can develop, market and sell their music independently. For this, you need help guidance and strategy. There are simply not enough managers to assist the amount of artists releasing music. The managers that are available, want to see reasonable earnings so they can take their 20%. Alternatively, they take a punt on you, make you sign away your next 5 years and fob you off until they say ‘you’re ready’. We assist you with development, crafting your product, in a time you would not necessarily be viable for a manager. ¬†With our 10+ years of experience we provide a broad range of services to bands that encompass, high level management consultancy, introductions to a wide range of professionals, including booking agents and labels, plus expertise with social media and digital marketing.”

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